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“Best Moen shower head reviews”


Choosing an apt shower head might be a little confusing with the wide range available these days. You need to have an insight of the features and benefits before you opt for one which is ideal for you. Finding a shower head which can give you a rain-shower experience can be a refreshing change from the traditional shower heads which have been in the market since a long time. You need to be able to concentrate on the quality besides the price factor before you make a choice of the shower head. A shower head which can provide enough pressure to wipe out the tiredness of the hectic day is what we all require.

 Moen S6320 Two Function Shower Head

Moen S6320 Two Function Shower HeadWith the twin functions of the above model shower head you can look for a personalized shower experience. All that is required is a flip of the lever which gives you a choice of a self-pressured spray or probably a calming rinse. This is 8” in diameter which makes it apt for water coverage. Using the latest technology, the above mentioned shower head is able to channel the water with almost three times more power. This model, available in a chrome finish, can complement the look of your bathroom. You have the choice between the brushed nickel, antique bronze, chrome finish or brushed bronze. Counting on the reliability, Moen Shower heads are available in multiple designs and styles. The spray formers featured in these shower heads makes it easy to keep them clean. With the limited lifetime warranty offered on this model, Moen S6320 works out affordable and a luxurious option.


Moen 21313 Multi Function Shower Head

This model of the Moen Shower head with its sophisticated style and design seems totally worth the money spent. Besides the innovation of this model you can count on the durability factor. With the possibility of being able to modify the inner gasket, you can increase the water flow and get the refreshed feeling you have been looking for. Available in Chrome, this works out apt for almost all bathrooms. The easy installation of this model makes it a quality purchase which can save on the time factor.

Moen 23015 Hand Shower

Moen 23015 available in Plastic, Metal and Stainless Steel offers you the choice in material you have been on the lookout for. You can say this model is the easiest to install and with the different settings you can enjoy the different force of water, depending what you looking for. Though plastic, this model does have a shiny look and in no way gives your bathroom a drab look. This model works out reasonable and affordable and tends to save on that extra bit of cash you might have to pay for installing any other shower head. You can make a choice between the massager to the soft spray.

Moen3669 Handheld Shower

With a 4” diameter spray and four functions this hand shower offers a variety of sprays, like the invigorating spray, full spray and the massage spray, this hand shower seems a luxury, especially since it is a hand shower with the a long hose of 69”. This can only add to the comfort and convenience of a good shower. The height of this hand held shower can be adjusted with the slide bar which is included. You can look for the elegant look in your bathroom with sleek and modern brushed nickel hand shower. Speaking of quality, there is no compromise to this factor with the Moen Handheld Shower.

Moen21005 Refresh

Looking for variety in your shower, you can safely opt for this Moen 21005 Refresh which is available with a combination of 7 functions. The 9 inches diameter can be termed as sized generously. Besides which, you can say, this model gives your bathroom the required decorative look with the finish. You can enjoy your shower all the more due to the uniformity of the spray from every nozzle. This works well for rinsing as well as just standing in due to the uniformity of the unit. To add to the many benefits, this shower does not break water into mist as other showers. You need to make sure that this is installed in the right manner to get the required effect. When installing this shower head you need to make sure that the gasket in the hand shower nut and the diverter nut are pressed well and also make sure that the diverter nut is not over tightened.

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