April 20, 2024

The current generation has been lauded to follow their dreams, do what they’re passionate about, and to not be afraid of quitting. While they all seem like clichéd pieces of advice, they are actually genuine and need to be taken seriously. A career especially in the fitness industry has been looked down upon for decades in our country. In the last few years though, the industry has grown immensely. Fitness as a profession is now one of the hottest new choices to nurture. Going further with a career in fitness is extremely simple; a fresh graduate could get certified from a recognized Fitness Academy, or any of the numerous ones sprouting almost everywhere. But the thing is that you’ll survive only if you have an unfading inclination towards fitness. Learn this: fitness is a hardcore passion driven industry, if you are in just to make a quick buck you will be disappointed.

Here are a few things that most definitely are a calling:

1) You Can’t Stop Thinking About Training, As It Has Become Your Religion

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If you spend time at your office day-dreaming about your workouts in detail, thinking about the number of exercises you would do, the reps, the weights and your set of personal records you want to break, then you definitely have your heart set into fitness. You stick to eating clean and training dirty despite knowing that you aren’t up for a competition.

2) Being Inquisitive About Everything Related To Fitness

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Spending a lot of time reading articles on fitness, their myths, etc. in the pursuit of learning more to apply that knowledge on the gym floor. Watching a lot of workout videos to learn how the body responds to an exercise shows that you are very eager to know about things in detail, which a common gym goer may not been keen on learning.

3) Playing The Sensei

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While you are at the gym and you see someone working out with the wrong form and technique, you feel it’s your responsibility to correct him/her also, because you actually do know of a much safer option to work those muscles.

4) Being In The Gym Is More Exciting To You Than Sitting On Your Desk

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What could be more exciting than working in an environment where your favorite music is playing, in the comfort of your sports gear, socializing with people and doing what you love? If this is your scene then look up for a few certification academies right now!

5) You See Opportunity In The Field Of Fitness While Others Don’t

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Like any other industry, there is always an initial struggle with a lower pay. But as you build your client base, the moolah grows too!  The fee that a personal trainer charges for his professional advice is a huge. A 25-year-old trainer I personally know walks home with a commission of Rs 1.5 to 2 lakhs per month. However, your interpersonal skills play a huge role here. If you are self-driven and have a knack to build a good rapport with clients, then the world is your oyster when it comes to earning through training.

If you were physically fit as a child or a college student, and if your room is filled with medals of various sports events that you won earlier in your life, you certainly are gifted and you must take it to the next level. A career in sports and fitness may be the best option. However, most athletic kids get stuck in the corporate rat-race and end up in bad shape both physically and mentally. Don’t let lost time affect you. Simply take the leap and go do what you do best.

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