April 20, 2024

If somebody desires to come across two people and desire to be in a relationship, it is easy to assume that they are both positioning the same level. This is what we can think about the case, however, if look a little deeper, there might be more to it.

The first person may not be happy with the life and may think that meeting with other person may change the situation. On the other hand, the other person may be happy with what is going on his life as well as with the other person and as a result, they both are now ready to find someone to share their time with.

Altogether A Different Experience

This shows that one person is running away from their life while another person doesn’t need so. This also seems that one person is looking to receive while the other person is looking to give. When one person is unhappy with their how their life is, they may desire someone to make happy. While, on the other hand, when one is happy with their life, they may not looking for someone else to change their feelings and emotions.

Out Of Balance

There are possibilities that when one person is looking to share the life and experience with another person, but it doesn’t mean that he is expecting something in return. The person might just want to be with someone and not looking to receive. But when one desires to leave their own life behind, it is possible that they haven’t got a lot to give. The behaviour of one depends on what another person will do for them. It is thus better to take a step back even though you want to maintain a relationship.

The Next Step

The decision may lead to change their life; but not in a single night. This will offer them a chance to have fulfilling the relationship. This may seem ideal, but there are greater chances of them doing the opposite.


This may end up blaming the another person for how their life is and may lead to for them to avoid shouldering the responsibility for their own life.

Wash, Rinse And Repeat

Once one starts experiencing pain in the relationship, it is ideal to end up walking away. After some days say a week or may be months, depending on the situation, they may found someone else to be with.

The Usual Happening

If someone shares about what is taking place in their life, they may relate to the prior experience. The great reason behind is they are in the same position and might know a number of people living their life in the similar way. It is easy to say that when someone desires to avoid themselves, end up the relationship.

Turning Away

When one turn away or run away from the relationship, it stops the pain that is within them from being triggered. This also shows that they both are out of touch with what they feel and how they feel their needs; while when one avoids having a relationship, they may also have a stronger connection with their needs and their emotions. As they are being out of touch, they won’t feel to have a company of each other or need to be with each other.

Needs And Demands

The time may come in life where they were conditioned to believe that there was something wrong with their needs and demands. This may cause in widening the gap between them. The nuisance or the pain they experienced during their relationship may have stayed within them and could end up the relationship being overwhelmed.


This may related to what has happened in the childhood days, and though a long duration has passed, it is still determining their life. To bring alter the same; one may need to take efforts thorugh the pain and change how they view their own needs and