July 15, 2024
Threads App

Threads, the newly launched app by Meta, often referred to as the “Twitter Killer,” has witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity. Within a mere 24 hours of its release, the app has attracted an impressive user base of 50 million individuals. Threads is a text-based microblogging platform closely integrated with Meta’s renowned photo and video sharing service, Instagram. It is noteworthy, however, that Meta has leveraged its vast user network of over 2.35 billion active Instagram users to fuel the rapid adoption of Threads. This has undoubtedly intensified the competition, leaving Twitter feeling the pressure as its newly appointed CEO has issued a statement, and there are reports of potential legal action against Meta.

According to The Verge’s Alex Heath, who shared insider information from Meta, Threads had already surpassed 48 million user registrations by Friday. Subsequently, another Threads user named Joe Scannell (@joe_scannel) posted a screenshot indicating that the number of sign-ups has now surpassed the 50 million milestone. As part of Meta’s strategy to encourage user engagement, each user’s Instagram profile displays a unique serial number, denoting the date of their Threads sign-up.