April 20, 2024

We know that tuitions or tutorial classes are a lucrative business today. People prefer sending their kids for tuitions and study classes so that they excel in school and colleges. Competition is such these days that kids need to go that extra mile and excel in everything they do and learn. They have to learn to deal with pressure at a very young age.  While teaching at tutorial classes, it is important not only to teach the syllabus being taught in schools but also an extra something to keep the kids ahead of other children.

Therefore, there arises a need for workbooks. Work books are very helpful for kids.

Few helpful ideas to offer workbooks to tutoring clients

  • You can always state that these workbooks are easier to follow that the texts followed in school. These workbooks need to be constructed with the best possible study material available for the subjects. Therefore, kids need to learn from these workbooks as well.
  • They offer extra practice exercises and sums. Workbooks that offer something extra are great for reading and math classes. This is because they offer questions and solutions for math problems that kids can solve at home by themselves.
  • For reading and writing, the workbooks can offer a variety of writing exercises and grammar sessions. Essays, creative writing pieces etc. can be included.
  • History, science, geography etc are subjects that require a lot of text-reading. Therefore, the workbook can recommend extra reading material. Tests, objective in nature, can be included in the workbooks.
  • Tutorials are conducted online as well. Some students prefer studying online rather than attending classes physically. Here the workbooks are of utmost importance.
  • For online sessions, workbooks can include day-to-day lesson summary. It will include all the points that are going to be covered in a particular subject for particular sessions. This means that students can refer back and forth, if they think they have missed out on something before the exams.
  • Workbooks can be texts written by the tutors themselves. Sometimes it so happens that the texts offered in schools are vast and studying from them can be confusing. Therefore, tutors can construct books from scratch that are easy to follow and to learn from.
  • Workbooks can be split into advanced learning courses or simplified for students according to their own learning abilities.
  • Workbooks can be virtual in nature as well. Sometimes videos and interactive workbooks that include small education films, ads, music etc. help in further learning some subjects. This helps the students to learn through media.
  • Educational or instructional presentations can be offered to students in the form of workbooks. These can be PowerPoint presentations.

Therefore, the possibilities with workbooks are many. They are helpful for kids and are easy to follow. They can be both virtual and physical in nature. It gives the tutor the opportunity to experiment with the study sessions and learning experiences. These workbooks can be maintained for further references as well.