April 13, 2024

Travelling opens you up to a new place, its people, different food, allow you to learn from different culture, tradition, and history. It is about knowing your boundaries and capacities by pushing you outside your comfort zone. The idea of vacation brings along an adrenaline rush, thinking of all the new experiences. But we cannot detach exhaustion from traveling. Day-Long sightseeing, trekking or indulging in adventure sports can leave you fatigued. The difference in the environment (food, air, water) is added on to which our body reacts. Nevertheless, there are ways to help you keep your energy levels pumping high and prevent you from diseases throughout the experience.

  1. The EHR Rule

 It is obvious for the tempting new cuisine to lure your taste buds while traveling. Staying healthy might be a challenging task in such a scenario. You need to know the tips for smart traveling. Healthy food or clean water cannot be guaranteed at every stop of your travel. To ensure a healthy body, follow the EHR rule below that can do a lot of difference to your traveling.

Eat well: A safer and healthy way is to pack home-cooked snacks to munch to help sustain your energy levels throughout. One of the healthy snacks is berries which have amazing health benefits. Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries all contain a decent amount of fiber and vitamins to balance out all the junk you might be taking in. It contains high levels of phytochemicals which helps protect our cells from getting damaged. So, make sure you know one healthy berries recipe to take along for your next travel.

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Hydrate well: Detoxing is a necessity in our regular lives to maintain a healthy body. It cleanses our body and nurtures the vital organs helping get rid of impurities. When traveling, you might need to double the amount of water intake. The heat, dust, long journeys, hindrance in daily routine is sure to leave you dehydrated while traveling. Besides water, there are other sources as well. You can have a sufficient amount of salads or fruits to maintain the balance.

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Rest well: A happy mind is in a healthy body. Do not plan a tight schedule. It is not necessary to have a fixed itinerary daily. Pamper yourself with some hot shower. Save some time to chill and relax and get good sleep. Start afresh the next day.

  1. Ensure Safety

 Going on a road trip with family or friends? Ensure you are loaded with enough resources not only for yourself but your vehicle as well. Unfamiliar roads can bring unforeseen circumstances. Have a good understanding of your machine to be able to do basic repair works yourself. Carry the right tool bags having a good amount of space and good durability to sustain its rough usage. When it is in our control, we can make the best out of the journey.

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While talking about road trips, deciding upon a right conveyance is also imperative. Be it a short trip or long you need to know what suits best for the travel. This depends on the road conditions. For ones who love traveling around the world in bikes, a Honda CRF can be the most enduring and apt for a tar road, gravel road or even mud and sand. It is a light-weighed motorcycle with mechanism needing no intricacy to understand and can withstand the harsh journey.

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Now, the least we can anticipate while traveling is getting robbed or getting attacked. To make certain that does not happen, know the place through travel experiences shared by tourists. Besides knowing what to do or where to eat also know those streets you need to avoid.


  1. Know What to Carry

 Air travel or railway travel timings are not under your control. A long dragged travel means a longer duration of immobility. Do you know what can help? Chocolates! Yes, read it right. Chocolates, especially dark chocolates, have proven to be beneficial for travelers as it contains flavonoids which are also found in fruits, tea, and red wine. Flavonoids have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which can support your cardiovascular and nervous system. Nonmoving may lead to a blood clot or vein dysfunction in legs. And we thought chocolates are only to pamper someone. Do carry a chocolate box now when you know your travel is going to last for hours.

You need to carry a first aid box beside packing all other fancy items. Medicines for any common ailments like cold, cough, stomach ailments, acidity, band-aids, and ointments to prevent from bug bites could all be initial aids before you see a professional.

Have a to-do list of vacations this year? You know what to do now. Travelling can be a lot more fun provided we are healthy and are ready for a precarious situation we may encounter. Know your health, do checkups, pack smart, research extensively before planning, know your food, keep a checklist, and learn more tips.

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