June 23, 2024

Let’s get this straight – relationships are a lot of emotional investment. There is a lot of effort that goes behind making relationships work. After the first few months of impressing and pleasing others are over, relationships aren’t easy. What is even tougher is to keep a long distance relationship going. You can still fight emotional boundaries, but there is only little you can do about geographical ones. Hanging by a fragile thread, there are a hundred reasons why you can see most long distance relationships going wrong. Of course; many long distance relationships last lifelong. But is all that effort worth it? Here are 6 reasons why long distance relationships are not worth all the efforts.

Not Enough Communication

Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Are Just Not Worth It

In an era where pizzas reach your home within half an hour, sending love letters via pigeons is not going to work. Yes, you do have smart phones, Facebook, WhatsApp and what not but the strong lack of touch can not be compensated with technology, not beyond the first few months. You may be WhatsApp-ing each other all day, but is that form of communication fulfilling? Keeping up with each other is an ordeal you’re better off without. If you two have always been away from each other, then you probably know the correct way to deal with it. But if this is a new territory your relationship is touching, you might just want to rethink things.


Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Are Just Not Worth It

Cheating is convenient, for you as well as your girlfriend. You keep telling yourself that it’s alright as long as she doesn’t know of it. Your loyalty and commitment towards each other may budge anytime. Even under direct supervision, monogamy is a challenge. You’re bound to want to be with someone when your girl isn’t around for extended periods of time.

No Surety Of Your Future Together

Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Are Just Not Worth It

You have no clue when you’re going to meet next. Your lifestyle, preferences and priorities have changed, not just your ZIP codes. Your lives are running on parallel tracks, and parallel lines never meet, not according to Math at least. You’d want to shift with her too, wherever it is that he is headed to, but is selling your house off, leaving your job, and setting off to a new land with no planning of your future practical? A sense of togetherness is very essential in a relationship. Long term commitments are difficult to make and even harder to follow up with.

Trust Issues

Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Are Just Not Worth It

How do you know she is really attending a lecture? What if she’s at a party with that guy who can’t stop hitting on her? What if she is lying? Long-distance relationships are prone to be bugged with trust issues. People change over time. Since your communication isn’t reliable enough, you would always be under suspicion regarding her loyalty and seriousness towards the relationship. So would she doubt you. And without trust, relationships mean nothing.

Time Lag In Communication

Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Are Just Not Worth It

You’re up early today and have finally found time to call her. But you’re not sure if she is still in bed. Let alone that, you’re not even sure whether ‘today’ has arrived in her city yet or if it is still the ‘yesterday’. She sends you an urgent mail you see six hours later. You call her back but she’s already asleep. Honestly, beyond a few months you wouldn’t even be interested in knowing what’s going on in her life and how funny her new Australian friends are.

Holding On To It Unnecessarily

Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Are Just Not Worth It

You’ve broken up five times in the past nine days. Even though you’ve finally made up, you feel tired from all the arguing and fighting. Whenever you talk, which is a rare occurrence, you do nothing more than quarrel over issues you do not even care about anymore. To break it out to you, you’re just holding on to it because you two do not want to break each others’ hearts. But it is not helping either of you. If you feel stuck already, it’s time to let go of your long-time relationship.