July 15, 2024

There are people who sleep less and then there are those who sleep more than required. Experts say 7-9 hours sleep is sufficient for the body. But if you are in la-la land for a longer time, then there is bad news for you. Check out the harms of sleeping too much:

You will gain weight
Studies have linked oversleeping with obesity. Another fact is that people, who start gaining weight, are likely to be long sleepers and long sleepers are more likely to be obese. In a nutshell, more you sleep, the lesser you move and fewer calories are burned.

You are prone to diabetes
Being sedentary can be a risk factor for diabetes. If you sleep a lot, you are raising your blood sugar levels. If your blood glucose spikes, you are at an increased risk of getting type 2 diabetes. Being overweight and a long sleeper also drives this risk factor.

You mood can suffer
A study has shown that sleeping for longer duration can elevate a person’s risk for depression. It is a chicken and egg kind of situation. People who sleep a lot, get depressed and people who suffer from depression tend to sleep more.

Conceiving will be difficult
A Korean study revealed that pregnancy rates were highest in women who slept between 77-8 hours and the lowest in those who got 9-11 hours sleep a night. Experts say that sleep habits can have an effect on hormonal secretions and menstrual cycles.

You can get brain fog
Long sleeping habits can age your brain and make it difficult for you to perform everyday tasks. People who have a habit of sleeping a lot can have trouble with basic mental functioning. The same can happen to those people who keep waking up during the night.

You are at risk of heart diseases
Oversleeping can hurt your heart. Sleeping a lot at night can increase your chances of dying from a heart disease by 34%, say experts. It has also been found that women sleep more than men, therefore they are at a higher risk of heart diseases.