February 25, 2024
Sex positions are like coffee orders—everyone likes something a little different, but there are a few standbys that are just complete winners every time (we’re looking at you, pumpkin spiced latte). So to figure out what guys are typically craving in bed, we surveyed some Men’s Healthreaders about what they love, what they want more of, and what they’re hoping for on a special occasion. Check out the results below, plus quotes from these guys to further explain their answers:
His All-Time Favorite Sex Position:


Most men chose this primal move as the top contender. We get it: It feels a little naughty and a lot amazing. Check out 11 genius variations to try and what to do if it feels uncomfortable. Here’s what men had to say about it:

“My wife always orgasms in this position, and you can’t beat the view.”

“It feels intense! Like you’re both giving and taking all you have.”

“It feels like I’m going deeper, and it’s more primal than others.”

“Deeper penetration, good view.”