April 20, 2024

Bhediya Review {3.5/5} & Review Rating

BHEDIYA is the story of a man who turns into a wolf. Bhaskar (Varun Dhawan), based in Delhi, works for Bagga (Saurabh Shukla). The former is a road contractor and for his job, he is supposed to go to Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh, to construct a road through the jungle. Bhaskar reaches Ziro along with his cousin, Janardan (Abhishek Banerjee). Here, they are joined by a localite, Jomin (Paalin Kabaak). The trio then meet Panda (Deepak Dobriyal), who also helps Bhaskar in his mission. Bhaskar’s job isn’t going to be easy as the tribals are not ready to give up their land and let the trees be cut. Bhaskar then woos the younger generation of the area and through them, he convinces the older generation. He’s going back to his guest house at night when he gets attacked by a wolf. The wolf bites him on his buttock. Janardan and Jomin take him to a vet as they feel that if the word spreads, it’ll lead to problems. The vet, Anika (Kriti Sanon), gets scared about being asked to treat a human patient. She gives him a painkiller injection. The next day, Bhaskar’s wound miraculously disappears. He is able to sense, hear and smell in a much better manner. He doesn’t realize what’s happening. Meanwhile, a few nights later, Prakash (Dosam Beyong), who works with Bhaskar and who had the signed agreements, gets killed by the wolf. The agreements disappear. At this point, Janardan and Jomin feel suspicious that Bhaskar could be behind the killing. They conclude that he has turned into a ‘vishanoo’ and this scares the daylights out of them, as they fear for their safety.

Niren Bhatt’s story is novel and entertaining, while his screenplay has its share of plusses. The writer has peppered the narrative with some very light-hearted and funny moments. At the same time, he has incorporated the thrill element well. However, there are several loose ends. Niren Bhatt’s dialogues are a high point. The one-liners are too funny and enhance the impact in several scenes.

Amar Kaushik’s direction is fine. Speaking of positives, he has handled the scale and the breathtaking locales with élan. His earlier two films – STREE [2018] and BALA [2019] – were loved for their quirky humour and BHEDIYA is also in the same zone. Hence, despite handling a serious issue, he doesn’t let the film become too heavy. At the same time, the issue at hand is also handled sensitively.

On the flip side, the first half is just okay. The toilet humour will put off a section of the audience. Even violence will not be everyone’s cup of tea. The overall humour and feel of the film are such that it’ll appeal more to the ‘A’ centres. The backstory of a character should have been better explained. Also, it’s bewildering that once Bhaskar turns into a wolf, the tracks of Bagga and that the former has mortgaged his house are completely forgotten.

BHEDIYA starts on a very dark note. The entry scenes of Bhaskar and Janardan are okay. The film sets the mood once the wolf assaults Bhaskar. The scenes thereafter are fine but nothing great. The scene where Janardan makes a chronological order of events is arresting. The intermission point is dramatic. Post-interval, the film gets better as an underwear-clad wolf attacks Janardan and Jomin. The scene thereafter is memorable and that also applies to the scene where the madness takes place in a warehouse. The climax is captivating and even moving. The final scene is funny.

Varun Dhawan puts his heart and soul into the role. It’s a risky move to do a role of this sort but Varun sheds his inhibitions and one has to see it to believe what he has managed to achieve. Kriti Sanon looks cute and performs ably. However, her screen time is limited although her character has significance. Abhishek Banerjee is the soul of the film and contributes to the laughter majorly. Deepak Dobriyal also leaves a mark, but one wishes that he had some role in the end as well. Paalin Kabak leaves a huge mark and his outburst in the second half is applause-worthy. Saurabh Shukla is wasted. Dosam Beyong and Madang Pai (Ojha) are first-rate. Rajkummar Rao and Aparshakti Khurana are great in a cameo.

Bhediya: Official Trailer | Varun Dhawan | Kriti Sanon

Sachin-Jigar’s music is average. ‘Jungle Mein Kaand’ is the best due to the picturization. ‘Apna Bana Le Piya’ comes next, though it’s a bit forced. ‘Baaki Sab Theek’ is also well-shot. ‘Thumkeshwari’ is peppy but it comes too late, during the end credits. ‘Aayega Aayega’ remix is catchy. Sachin-Jigar’s background score enhances the thrill quotient.

Jishnu Bhatacharjee’s cinematography is outstanding. The never-before-seen locales are well captured by the lensman. Mayur Sharma and Apurwa Sondhi’s production design is rich. Kunal Sharma’s sound design is superior. Sheetal Iqbal Sharma’s costumes are glamorous yet realistic. Darrell Mclean and Riyaz – Habib’s action is a bit disturbing. MPC’s VFX is terrific and one of the best seen in a Bollywood film. Sanyukta Kaza’s editing is sharp.

On the whole, BHEDIYA works due to the novel idea, memorable performances, captivating climax, and VFX which matches global standards. At the box office, it will have a slow start, but it has the merits to show huge growth thereafter.

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