May 18, 2024

College going students face a totally different atmosphere as compared to high school. It is a different feeling for each student. This can lead to problems which are connected to mental health. You can say, this shift from high school to college can trigger off mental health problems which were otherwise suppressed. It has been found out that a large percentage of college students face problems which are mental. Most of the time these are related to stress connected to the academic and social pressure.

Types of Mental Health Problems in College Students


One of the most common mental health problems in college students is depression. This problem is serious and if left unattended can lead to suicidal tendencies. This problem leaves an individual detached and lonely, interfering with your everyday routine. The symptoms of this illness differs in each individual and may include

*Slow speech or thinking

* Loss of interest in the day to day activities or social gatherings

*Tiredness, loss of appetite and insomnia

* Feelings of failure and guilt over the past

* A feeling of frustration for no reason

* Thoughts related to death and suicide


Another common mental health problem in college students is anxiety. Most of us go through anxiety and panic attacks but if this seems to be happening a bit too frequently, it is a cause of concern. This disorder can be categorized into

* OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

This anxiety disorder leads an individual to compulsive and repetitive behavior due to unreasonable fears and obsessions.

* SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder)

Interactions on a daily basis causes uncalled for anxiety and fear besides embarrassment.

*GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder)

Severe anxiety interferes with day to day activities.

*PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder)

This condition is normally triggered off if an individual has witnessed a traumatic event.


Statistics have shown that a number of college students have either thought of committing suicide or tried doing so. Stress is again the culprit here. Some of the warning signs include

*Talking about suicide

* Drop in the performance where academics is concerned

* A sudden change in behavior and personality

*A calm feeling after feeling depressed for a long period

*Avoiding social activities and even friends

Besides the above mentioned mental health problems in college students, you also find students with eating disorders and other minor disorder, which tend to go unnoticed by their peers. Fear of the unknown can also be one major cause of mental health problems in college students and can lead to grave dangers, if left unattended. It is essential for the students and also the teaching staff to try to reach out to such students and talk, as this does help to a large extent.