May 18, 2024

We all like to have privacy and own space without unnecessary encroachments. Even animals define their territory. The space that we create around us depends on the intimacy with others, the cultural upbringing and socially acceptable boundaries. The socially acceptable boundaries are different in western and eastern cultures, especially when we consider the touch.

The touch varies from one culture to another culture. Nose rubbing in some societies will seem bizarre in others. A kiss or a hug is acceptable in one culture but is not appropriate to hug openly in another culture. Even a simple handshake is frowned on by some culture.

Touch Of Mother To Her Child

Though touch is not appreciated or appropriate in some culture, touch is a primeval need of the human being. As per Anthropologist Ashley Morgan, touch is necessary for the development of a child. Every child needs and understands the touch of parent, especially of mother and which is very necessary for the development of a baby. Even the animals understand the magic of touch. Many animals spend a long time licking their young ones after birth. This licking is not just to keep the young one clean but conveys the security message and warmth to the baby. Whether, it’s a puppy, kitten or any young one of any animal or a baby; they all need the touch of a mother.

Touch enhances bonding and trust! Touch is a nonverbal body language and is the quickest method of communication. The warmth of the touch stimulates oxytocin the cuddly hormone that helps enhancing the bonding and trust. The child feels it comfortable and secured with the mother’s touch. Babies craved to be cuddled and carried several times a day and this works in building bonding and trust. The breast feeding is yet another way of touch. It is not just a milk is added to child’s wellbeing, but child builds his trust and emotions with this milk and touch. Babies who do not get sufficient cuddling and care are seen with higher infant mortality rate. Children need touch of their parents and as they grow older, touch offers way to body language.

Touch And Marriage

Touching communicates intimacy. The significance of touch in marriage cannot be emphasised enough. At the beginning of the marriage, lot of touching takes place and get reduced as the time passes by. Touching peaks in early years of marriage and then gradually comes down leading to problems in marriage. Affectionate touching becomes rare and this starts growing troubles in the marriage.

Touch is more powerful than words. The touch of consolation speaks more eloquently than words. Touch helps strengthening the relationships and is a mark of closeness. It brings smile in the life of lonely people especially those stay in old age homes. A touch offers them the feeling of reassurance that they are not forgotten. It offers them objective to live.

The pat on the back of someone who delivered outstanding in any field is congratulatory helping the person to increase self-esteem. The person suffering from pain or is ill, responds to the touch of his loved one. This makes the patient feel comfortable.

While; there are compulsive touchers those who unable to keep their hands to themselves and are at a menace. Such force able touching is an offence and is punishable by law. As the recipients recoil at such touch, feel embarrassed and frightened; it is a punishable offense. Inappropriate touching in local areas such as trains and buses has sexual overtones and such sexual harassment needs to be punished.

Touch has positive effects and has power of healing. At the same time it also ships some negative effects when it violets the personal, social and cultural norms. Touch is a wordless speech that can be understood only by the person being touched. Whether it is a touch of mother to her child or a touch between husband and wife; it is necessary to show that someone is always there to take care of the other person. Truly, touch has healing power and emotional power, too.