May 18, 2024

I learned a painful but fruitful lesson some time ago. The lesson I learned was – people, all people are sinners and is difficult to expect perfection from any of them, even though they are mature in the faith.

God blessed us with gracious forgiveness! We are all benefactors of God’s benignant pardon as an example we are to gracefully bestow.

Forgiveness is just forgetting about right and wrong. Remember that sin blurs justice – all are wrong. It is possible that we may be more wrong or less wrong, but we are somewhat wrong. So, forgive others too. Even though we have not played any role in the conflict, we must withhold our forgiveness.

No one is perfect. When we comprehend the limitations of the people or of the world as a whole, it is we who is included in the world. The moment we learns forgiving the right or wrong in the conflict, we can be a state to see the issue with great clarity as the log is removed from our eye and everything is clear in the Sun’s shine.

The best thing we should start with is forgiving others for their wrong. We should struggle to forgive. This will help us to connect with God’s forgiveness and continues to forgive our wrongs. Never forget that the power of forgiveness is the key to peace. It is a key towards happiness, health and finally to success. True forgiveness releases the feelings and emotions of togetherness.