April 13, 2024

Many a times in our life we experience the situation when people are right there, but we cannot hook them up forever. It is impossible to tie the person or the people with you. It is simply difficult to hold the people. You cannot have them. You know that they are easy with getting away, till you do not stop loving them.

When a person is getting away from your life, you run after him. The person says he will make-up it or sometimes refuses to make-up it.

Your loved one tell you for several times that you would not have them beings graving those words in your soul imbedding sorrow to your already-woeful life. Deep down, inwardly, you want to shout for the person, for your love and for your thing. You may also think of person leaving being someone else’s. Still you want them, you need them.

You tell him that you love them. They overlook, ignore you. But for you they are your life and for you your existence is for them. You do all the things to bring them back in your life. You cross all the limits and sometimes when you cannot, you may stop and what about them? They leave the world as every entity has to end up this way and leaving everyone, leaving the earth, leaving the world as has to move off.

They say they were yours? But were you so crazy that you had nothing else than running after them? If you were the strong and worth the fight, they would not have left you like anything, used and misused! Do you get that?

Never run after anybody! No matter what they say and no matter how truly they deceive you! It is you who are going to pay for it. It is you who mistakes the time-pass with affection.

There is always some reserved for you by God. None of us can have the person intentionally or unintentionally. So if you have any affection inside you, hold it for God. This affection stays forever. Love wisely and live wisely!