April 20, 2024
Formula 1: Max Verstappen leads every lap in Canadian Grand Prix win

Formula 1: Max Verstappen leads every lap in Canadian Grand Prix win

Max Verstappen’s Dominant Performance: Leading Every Lap in Canadian Grand Prix Victory
In a commanding display of skill and precision, Max Verstappen secured his sixth win in just eight races by flawlessly leading all 70 laps of the Canadian Grand Prix.

Starting from the pole position, Verstappen executed a flawless start, swiftly claiming the lead as he entered Turn 1 ahead of both Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso. Maintaining his superiority, Verstappen continued to surge ahead, extending his lead once again following a safety car period prompted by George Russell’s early race crash. Throughout the entirety of the Grand Prix, Verstappen remained unchallenged, firmly establishing his dominance.

Fernando Alonso showcased his expertise, surpassing Hamilton shortly after the restart and securing an impressive second-place finish. Despite Hamilton’s utilization of medium compound tires in contrast to Alonso’s hard tires, Alonso skillfully managed his car’s brakes over the final 10 laps, enabling him to gradually increase the gap between himself and Hamilton, who had initially closed in on him.

Strong Finish for Ferrari Duo as Verstappen Extends Lead in Canadian Grand Prix

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz showcased their racing prowess by securing fourth and fifth place, respectively, in the Canadian Grand Prix. Their strategic one-stop approach paid off handsomely, allowing them to capitalize on track position. Despite starting outside the top five, Leclerc and Sainz made impressive progress during the safety car period when they opted not to pit. Remarkably, they successfully managed to stretch their starting set of medium tires for over 30 laps before eventually switching to the hard compound tires to complete the rest of the race.

In contrast, Max Verstappen, Fernando Alonso, and Lewis Hamilton all opted for a two-stop strategy, a decision mirrored by many other drivers in the field. Notably, Red Bull Racing celebrated its 100th Formula 1 victory with Verstappen’s triumphant performance, positioning the team strongly for both the drivers’ and constructors’ championships.

Unfortunately, George Russell faced brake issues and had to retire, finishing in 19th place ahead of Logan Sargeant.

As the race progressed, a massive DRS train formed outside the top six, resulting in teams at the back of the pack utilizing pit strategy to gain track position. Alex Albon emerged as the leader of this group, securing an impressive seventh-place finish, followed by Esteban Ocon, Lando Norris, and Lance Stroll. However, Norris’s final position was adjusted to 13th due to a five-second penalty.

Verstappen’s victory further solidifies his commanding lead over his teammate Sergio Perez, with an astonishing 69-point difference. Perez currently holds 126 points compared to Verstappen’s impressive tally of 195. Meanwhile, Alonso has closed the gap to just six points behind Perez, securing a strong third position. Hamilton trails Alonso by 15 points, currently occupying fourth place in the championship standings.