July 15, 2024

Relationships are always required to be balanced by the persons in that relationship. Relationships are generally based on give and take; they can also be out of balance. Most of the time balance in the relationship is lost because on person is always on the giving side and the other person is always on the taking side. This kind of situation leads to problems in relationships.

Normal conditions

Normally in such kind of relationship people do not realise that their relationship is out of balance, maybe because it could be something that is outside of their awareness. Normally people do not realize that their relationship is out of balance because out of those persons, one is always used to give more and more then he receives. It could also be that the other person who is used to receive more then he gives may think that it is how his life has been for as long as he remembers. Usually the person who always gives could be fed of what is taking place, but the person who is always receiving could have altogether different experience.

Way of life

Persons in such kind of relationships can be in a situation where one of the person even though he knows that the advantage of his behaviour of giving is being taken by the other person and they will not do anything about that for one reason that they believe that it is how just life is and they have to continue with it.

On the other hand the person always on the receiving end can be used to getting what he wants and perhaps for this reason they might not see any proper reason to change themselves. Receiving in relationship becomes part of their life and the continue with the same.

Reaching out

Generally the person on the giving side is more likely to reach out to the other person for support, than the other person who receives because he believes that he would not be happing without giving. On the other hand the person on the receiving end believes that other people should take care of their needs and there will be no reason for them to change.

People in such kind of relationship do come to talk to other person only when they need something and when their needs are over they tend to avoid being in relationship. The person on the giving end might take long time to realise as to what is happening in the relationship, but as time moves on it could soon be clear.

Continuing in relationship

Person who are used to have people in their life who are generally on the receiving side do not necessarily stay along as they are, whenever they need something they get in touch with person on the giving end. The reason they stay around is not because they value the relationship, it is because they know that there is always someone to meet their needs.

When persons in such kind of relationship realises that their relationship is out of balance one needs to think over the same and to take a decision as to whether they want to continue with the said relationship or to end the said relationship. It is very important to make such decisions at the right time.