July 15, 2024

Almost all the time we think that in every relationship, the person experiences a lot of pleasure and can lead to positive affect on their life. But, the case may be different sometime. This is not to say that the relationship will offer positive effect on their life. There may be something that can lead to negative effect also.

Become Weaker

The days pass by, for instance, may bring changes in the behaviour of the person. It may be possible for everything to carry on such changes, sometimes not. When both of them accept the changes, it could be a sign that they are able to adopt what has taken place. But when both of them or one of them do not carry on such changes it may seem that they are unable to do this.

Difficult To Accept Change

If any changes taken place, one might find it easy to accept it and willing to put up with what is taking place. But it doesn’t mean that the other person is also willing to put up with what has happened. There will be no cause behind putting up with the changed behaviour.


The other person either changes the own behaviour or walk away. This is what we can say that it is something that can either be overlooked or needs to change.

Difference Of Opinion

The conflict may start with changes in the behaviour. One may say something or act someway, while the other could disagree with the former or could have problem accepting what is taking place between them. It solely depends on their thinking and their outlook on life. Well, it is better to speak with another and express the opinion about what is taking place. This will help them to gain better understanding of each other and both of them can experience a deeper connection with each other.

A Feeling Of Satisfaction

When they experience lowered pleasure in their relationship, they should find something that can replace the fulfilment and the feeling of satisfaction that they experienced in the beginning.

Utmost Nuisance And Extreme Pain

Both of them could experience more pain if they had been in a close connection with each other. For one reason or another, they may end up with extreme pain and utmost nuisance.


While experiencing extreme pain, they could also be overwhelmed with grief and lose the will to leave. They may feel depressed and suicidal. The feeling of being rejected and abandoned gets developed and they also experience anxiety and fear. Overall, they might experience it badly and the things may not go easy for them.

Overall, looking at this it would be to say that one feels such emotions because their relationship has just come to an end. It may give the sign that they are meant to be with the other person. At the same time, it also seems that the end of the relationship has triggered pain from their childhood days. The months and years have passed but not the pain, but it has stayed trapped in their body. Only two options remains: either avoid how and what they feel or face how they feel.