July 15, 2024

Annuity is just a kind of investment for the life after retirement. The large banks, investment firms and mutual fund companies offer annuities to the people those who want to have money to spend when they retire. Annuity is a kind of investment that coverts the large, lump-sum money into regular payments. Such payments are stable income for many years after retirement. Annuity is also used to fulfil the urgent requirement of cash in case of emergencies. Annuity is an insurance product and the people get their annuity in one of the three different ways.

Investment For Retirement

This is the significant reason making the annuity popular among the people. Those who wants to have regular income after retirement, the annuity is the best option available.

Structured Settlements

This is a kind of annuity settlement awarded by the court as a compensation for the personal injury claims. This helps the person to have monetary support in emergency situations.

Inheriting An Annuity

People receive an annuity as a part of inheritance when the annuity holder passes away. It offers the option of modifying the policy so that they can designate an heir to continue receiving the payments.

Getting Financial Assistance Through Selling The Annuity

There are many reasons behind selling the annuity, such as:

  • Experience unexpected life changes when you need to have additional cash now, not future payments
  • You may realize that the original reason behind buying annuity no longer applies
  • Need to make changes in the investment
  • You may think to change estate planning strategy
  • Inhering an annuity so as to have lump-sum cash instead of monthly payments

If you are facing any of the circumstances listed above, it is recommended to sell your annuity policy. There are companies you can approach for assistance to settle your structured annuity payments. With money you receive in lump-sum, you can pay off your debts, start a new business, buy a property, meet educational expenses, etc.

How To Sell Structured Annuity

Selling annuity is very simple and easy process, provided done properly with proper consideration of legal norms. There are companies those provide quote in just few minutes online for free. With proper procedure, you can get the cash within two to three weeks.

At J.G. Wentworth, you can find best deal for selling structured annuity. This is the best place to sell annuity and get instant cash with following all legal procedures. The company understands the need of instant cash for everyday expense. The company understands the need to have lump-sum cash emergencies.

You can find best deal for selling your structured annuity at J.G. Wentworth. The company offers you to choose from the options for settling your annuity. You can either sell your annuity fully or partially depending on your need. Selling portion of the annuity makes you to have lump-sum amount for today’s need as well as with continued regular income for the future.

Easy Selling Of Structured Annuity

The experienced representatives at J.G. Wentworth understand that every sale is unique and thus offer best option to choose from that works best with your financial situation. Selling the structured annuity starts with a simple phone call to the company. The company representatives give you a no-obligation quote. The company streamline the process so that you can receive the money as soon as possible.

The company is the largest purchaser of the structured settlement payments and is well experienced in streamlining the process. For more than 25 years of experience, the company offers quality service in settling the annuity with best deal. It offers dedicated service in streamline the process and getting you your money at the earliest.

Options Available For Selling Structured Annuity

Structured Annuity is your investment! It’s your money! You can use it when you need it. The time comes in life when you need to monetary support. Structured annuity settlement is the best way to use your own money as and when you need. You can get a lump sum from your annuity payments in case of accident or injuries. It is also possible to get part payment now and continue receiving the regular payments in the future. Depending on your monetary requirements you can choose the plan and can meet your monetary requirements

Getting Cash Before Your Lawsuit is Settled

If you have already applied for receiving the payments from structured settlement for your need, J.G. Wentworth can buy your structured settlements and can give you a lump sum cash to spend now. Even though you start receiving annuity payments on regular basis, and when circumstances change, you may need lump sum amount. The procedure for selling annuity may take longer period and needs to follow proper legal procedure. J.G. Wentworth can help you by buying your annuities and providing you the lump sum cash before your lawsuit gets settled.

Structured Annuity is a kind of investment policy that offers handsome money as and when you need in the future. By investing in structured annuity you can make sure that you will continue getting annuity payments even after your retirements to meet all your day-to-day needs of the time.

Well, for selling structured annuity, it is best to find trusted sources like J.G. Wentworth so that you can receive the cash with proper legal procedure or even before your lawsuit gets settled.