April 20, 2024

When you give your significant other a rubdown, go moderate. That is the back rub message from Susan Findlay, executive of the North London School of Sports Massage.

“Utilize the heel of your hand to make persistent smooth motions and work the entire length of the muscle,” Findlay says.

1. Prep for Glory

Have your mate undress and lie confront down on a towel or firm bed. Appreciate the view, and afterward diminish the lights.

Crush some oil into your palms and rub them together to warm it up. We like Ole Henriksen Lavender ($28, olehenriksen.com).

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2. Be Smooth

Begin at her shoulders and after that move to the muscles at the base of her neck before working down every arm.

Delicately squeeze (between your thumb and fingers), press, and ply her skin. On the off chance that she recoils, help up; she ought to be totally casual.

3. Keep It Going

Come back to her neck and work your way down to her lower back, making smooth round, clockwise movements, utilizing the same back rub methods as on her arms yet including the heels of your hands for bigger ranges on every side of her spine.

4. Make a decisive last stand

End by utilizing the palms of your hands to take a shot at her lower back. The entire procedure ought to take around 45 minutes, and with luckiness, any longer.

Try not to stress in the event that you get excited. Do stress on the off chance that she doesn’t. Whale music and candles discretionary.