May 25, 2024

Tracking Market Movements with Market View on Mobile

Keeping a track on the market cannot get any easier with the technology advancing each day. Watching the same on your mobile is now a necessity as there is no way you can lose out on time even when you are on the ‘go’. The ups and downs of the market are convenient to track down with most mobiles supporting applications to do so. You are able to get all the reports, market buzz, and latest news of the stocks selected by you constantly or, you have the option of keeping alerts at frequent intervals to help you in tracking any changes. In short, Market View on Mobile is something that cannot be overlooked.

Real Time MVM Software

All that is required to keep in touch with the latest in the market is to download the Real Time MVM software which is compatible with Blackberry, iPhone, Apple, Java, and a lot of Android phones. This is one of the quickest ways to stay connected to the financial markets all around the world and get a view of the real-time prices of currency commodity, stock future markets, precious metals and more. In the market scenario staying connected is the lifeline and that is what this software is able to do.

Features of the MVM Software

Market View Mobile is convenient as this Real time MVM Software features

* An interface which is user friendly

The controls and tabs are easy to use providing the required information with just a few clicks.

*Portfolio Manager

The user is able to keep track on the created portfolio in real time from anywhere and at any time.

*Intraday Charts

Convenience of the Intraday charts for being able to analyze the price movements on a timely basis.

*Range of handsets compatibility

Compatible with a number of handsets which have the java and GPRS enabled.

*Adjustment of Display

The display can be adjusted keeping the screen of the device in focus.

*News Module

This is able to provide the latest financial news along with the headlines

Some Benefits of Market View on Mobile

With the live mcx on mobile the market participants are able to connect in real time with the stocks, and international markets from anywhere. You do not require a desktop or a laptop and need not be glued to your desk at all times. In doing so, there are no chances of you losing out in the happenings of the market. As this has been developed with the latest technology, it works out to be reliable and flexible. Integrated with pricing-information which is real-time globally, a market coverage which is broad is provided. The screens can be customized in accordance to the requirement of the individual with charting termed as ‘advanced’. The tools provided assist you in better customization. Multiple profiles can be accessed to or you can prepare your own watch list. Besides which you are also informed of the top gainers and losers and the best five. This technology works out ideal for every trader who wishes to be updated on the market happenings at real time.