What causes anosmia?


Anosmia is a disease that causes temporary or partial loss of smell. One common cause is common cold causing nasal congestion.  Nasal fractures or polyps can cause obstruction in the nasal passage. Progressive loss of smell occurs with normal aging and further lead to complete and permanent loss of smell. Obstruction or congestion in the nose, nerve damage, inflammation of lining in the nose or altered functioning of the brain can cause problem with the olfactory system which after affect normal ability to smell. It is rare that a person may experience total loss of smell.


To enjoy food properly and get accurate taste of food properly, it is necessary to have the sense of smell, intact. If this smell is lost, it could lead to loss of interest in eating and eventually loss of weight, malnutrition and even depression.


Most common causes of loss of smell are temporary congestion or irritation of the mucous membranes that line the inside area of the nose. Non-allergic rhinitis, acute sinus