May 25, 2024

Forgiveness is releasing the negative thoughts of resentment, anger and bitterness. It is letting go off the thought of taking revenge. Forgiveness is really powerful. It is a step towards the God. Forgiveness needs to be about obeying god and is not haggling about justice.

The Bibles tells us that God cannot ignore the person who has acknowledged their truth. As per Bible, God cannot ignore the person who has dug down deeply the wrong thing they did and who have owned such historical fact. God always notice the person who has taken Him seriously. Bible says, God cannot tune out who has not simply settled for an outward sacrifice for having sinned and made an inner religious ritual of their attrition.

As we are discussing about forgiveness, it helps enormously especially when we have dug down deeply into what we could have done differently or even better. If someone has sinned us, the closest we can come to realizing them is to empathise our own self. God has power and does a miracle of healing us. His spirit and his grace heal us when we take the matter deeper that mere outward attrition or outward sorrow.

The value of wickedness is only in its admission. Only when we accepts and admits our fault and sin, God dig down deeply into us and cleanse all negativity, heal and restore us with all good thoughts and positive feelings.

If our sorrow for sin arising from fear of damnation or contrition isn’t met with their contrition that we are looking for, true understanding and forgiveness is doubtful. When our contrition is true and makes theirs surplus, God pours out His mercy over us and this really works, trust me!

Take God seriously, so that He will take us seriously. The contrition should not depend on theirs. Having own contrition is enough to get blessed by God. Forgiveness lies between us and God.

No doubt, forgiving is really hard is really challenging. This is mainly due to we live in this broken world. And to make it easier for us to forgive others, it will be easier only when we admit our brokenness and have trust in He. God will pour the heart of mercy only when we recognize his grace.

Forgiveness lies in merciful heart of grace and understanding. God understands us only when we understand Him. And when we can understand the need to forgive, we understand His forgiveness.