May 25, 2024

Three decades ago, when Engelbert Humperdinck sang  “when love is far away……”, distance did not matter when you were in love.

Well, not any more. Love is the first casualty of geographical  inaccessibility, in these changing-by-the-minute times. So, here we are at MenXP, sending you reinforcements to keep your relationship alive.


Will you be faithful or are you one of those who do not mind a foray into unknown territory now and then? If you are, you would do well to remember that there is a loyal soul at home. Pining for you, in all probability.

Keep in touch

When you can not physically touch, the least you could  do is to keep in touch by other means. Modern times offer you umpteen ways to do this: letters that expound your love, phone calls until she/he cries out it is enough and of course emails and IMs. But nothing equals the personal touch the door-delivered flowers can have, sent from time to time.

Devil’s Workshop

That is, your idle mind. You would but ruminate on what possibly is your partner doing at a given time.  She would of course  be meeting interesting new friends and would enjoy some jolly good time with them. Instead of nursing your jealousy to grow to a full-blown tree, get yourself busy meeting old and new friends or find the hobby you had left in the lurch in the past.

Seek out  Positive in Negative

Did you always have to decide on conflict of interest involving your loved one? Is it the Pink Floyd concert or meeting her in the Taj corridors? Is it her in person or Ronaldino doing some contortionist act, kicking the ball, albeit on TV?

Meet as Often as you can

Because that is when the renewal of love without any reservation can take place, had there been any depletion at all.  Do not hold back anything including the tears that tell like nothing else that you had been missing her.

Stick to these measures and all will be well. Good Luck!