July 15, 2024

A good travel guide book can be termed as an ‘essential’ when you travelling to London for the first tine and that too, on your own. With multiple places to be seen there are no way you can go about this on your own. A travel guide book does the job of a guide but without the physical presence of one. You can be left alone to explore the places you are interested in at your own time, without any fixed schedules. A book can guide you on what places are avoidable, more so, if you are a lady travelling alone. Besides which, you are provided with all the background information of the specific place in London you wish to visit. You have all the freedom to take a double-decker bus or even walk through the streets of London without any restrictions. Listed below are some of the London travel guides which can help you on your tour of this beautiful place.

  1. Don’t Miss Destinations with DK Eyewitness London Travel Guide:

London being huge, there is no way you can visit all the places at one go. This London Travel guide gives you detailed information on the ‘must-see’ destinations with the itineraries in details. A perfect guide book for the theatre you would want to visit or probably visit the Big Ben and the London Heights. You are provided with a map which can be pulled out marked with the different sights with information on how to get there. Besides which, you have information on all the eating and shopping joints with restaurants being marked. You are also provided with a distance chart for measuring walking distances.

  1. London Travel on a Cheap Budget:

Travelling can be an expensive affair if not planned well in advance and in a systematic manner. This book helps you enjoy London as never before on a budget which works out reasonable and affordable. You have listings of the restaurants and places which can be enjoyed on a low budget. This London Travel Guide can convince you to make that trip you have always looked forward to but didn’t due to your budget.

  1. A Travel Guide to uncover London:

A guide which can help you move around London as if you have always been there. You can find accommodation at a low price which can be helpful in saving your money. This guide also covers the night life here besides the happenings of 2016. A list of the ‘must see’ in London is included in this travel guide, which works out ideal if you are on your first visit here.

  1. Passport to European Travel Guides:

You can enjoy the ultimate luxuries in eating and sleeping with the tips given in this book. Besides which, you gain a thorough knowledge on the local etiquette so that you are all the more comfortable. This guide can also give you detailed information on the different tours you need to take for that special feel of London. You can say, you are well prepared even before you take your flight to London.

London Travel Guide books can make your trip to London all the more comfortable and convenient and helps you enjoy the beautiful place to the maximum. You can think of exploring London and also beyond, with the help of the right Travel Guide.