May 25, 2024

altThe conflicts and disappointments arising over the issue of delayed responses in communication,

especially in case of Text messaging. An analytical approach to the issue led to a lot of insights into the main and probable reason behind one person not being adequately cared for.

The issue

A lot of people are often dismayed when their partners do not reply instantly to the text message or not keeping in constant touch through messaging and other forms of instant communication.

The Issue Explained

At the core of it, the problem is more about the levels of intimacy than about anything else. Some people feel more secured in a relationship when they are able to be in constant touch with their partners through text messaging.

The Solution

The insistence on replying promptly may act as a form of emotional drain for your partner and getting on his/her nerves this way is not at all the thing to do. The tendency to react this way also depends upon the kind of growing environment one has had. Losing your temper over this is not the solution. Try to understand the intimacy needs of your partner and do your bit towards fulfilling them, while at the same time making them see the reason in the way you feel.