For nearly a week, Donald Trump’s loved ones took the podium to speak highly of the presidential candidate during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

But tonight, it was Donald’s turn to take the stage and not only accept his nomination, but talk about what he plans to do if he becomes the next president of the United States of America. However, in the middle of his delivery, the speech was halted by a Code Pink protester who stole attention away from Trump when she was seen holding up a sign and heard yelling, “Build bridges, not walls.”

NBC commentators told viewers, “Protester holding up a sign ‘build bridges not walls.’ There were people there that tried to take the sign away from her. We’re seeing police move in there…It’s code pink again, Lester. We saw this same group and in particular this woman is someone who I believe lives in Washington. I’ve seen her at a lot of hearings over the years. She’s a code pink protester.”

Police escorted the woman, identified as Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin, off the premises, to which Trump responded, “How great are the police? How great is Cleveland?”

A press release on Code Pink’s website included a statement from Benjamin, which read: “Scapegoating immigrants and refugees—some of the most marginalized and powerless members of our society—for the problems we face as a nation is deeply racist.

“I rose to disrupt Trump’s ‘victory speech’ tonight to make sure that no one, whether in the arena or watching in their living room, could overlook the horrifying racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia and misogyny that is at the root of Donald Trump’s ideology. We want to build bridges not walls, and we want peace and love, not hate and war.”